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Intrum Justitia is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company listed in the website of





Name: Intrum Justitia
Also Known As: Intrum Justitia Ltd.
Address: 5th Floor, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9QJ
Telephone: 0151 4732626 (but do NOT phone them)
Fax: 0870 1509610
Email: (this is the email address of their purchasing divisions, presumably; when contacting them by email they would hopefully be able to redirect to the correct department or let you know the correct email address, which is not supplied on the DBSG site).


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Intrum Justitia and the Truth About Your Debt

It is best to ensure that you know whether the debt collecting firm bought the debt for themselves as an investment (in the role of a debt purchasing company) or if they are doing recovery work for another company such as a credit card company (where they would pocket a percentage of recovered money in commission). If you are sent a letter of assignment, as legally required when the debt has been sold wholesale, then you will know that the debt collecting firm or DCA owns the debt and therefore will attempt to get as much out of you as they can. When dealing with Intrum Justitia bear in mind that everything the debt collection agency gets is pure profit because he has purchased the debt wholesale..





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