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Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing and debt collecting company in the website of






Name: Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors
Address: 5th Floor, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool
Telephone: 0151 4732626
Fax: 0870 1509610

Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

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It is always best to ensure you know whether the debt collecting agency has purchased the debt for themselves as a means of turning a profit (as a debt purchasing company) or if they are doing debt recovery work for a client such as a credit card company (where they would pocket a percentage of recovered funds). If they send you a letter of assignment, which the law requires when the debt has actually been sold wholesale, then you know that the debt collecting firm or DCA owns the debt and therefore will try to get as much out of you as he can. When dealing with Intrum Justitia debt collectors remember every penny the collections agency gets is pure profit as they bought the account wholesale. So they will try to break you any way they can.

There are quite a few things you could do to ensure things are difficult for them and the many tactics of Intrum Justitia debt collectors. You can bar their telephone number using BT's Choose To Refuse service, or you could record their conversations, you can write telling them not to call round at your home or a combination of these things (all these form letters are at the web site).

You may question the validity of the alleged debt by making a SAR as a foil to Intrum Justitia debt collectors. The true owner of the debt (the bank or the debt collecting firm) must give you a fair signed copy of your original credit agreement with the bank if that contract was made prior to 6th April 2007. If they do not do this they are in violation of the law, and the alleged debt is said to be in dispute. As long as the debt is in dispute they are not allowed to demand that you pay anything and they must not sell it on to another agency (which many do nevertheless at this stage). For as long as the alleged debt is in dispute it is said to be unenforceable, even by a court of law.. You can always get a lawyer to do this for you, because it can be a bit of a strain doing it all by yourself. There are also quite a few legal and paralegal firms offering services in the field.

So ask Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.

To find out if you qualify for an IVA or can benefit from a debt management programme, try the IVA Test. It's free to apply, and again you are protected by the consumer laws regarding debt management at all stages. Click here to go to the application form.




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